House Rules

The current Fickle Godlings house rules can be downloaded here:

I’ve made quite a few changes to the house rules with the release of the PHB.

Weapons and armor
I have removed some of my custom weapons as they were too powerful … martial spear and martial trident are gone, as is elven slayer sword. Quarterstaff no longer has finesse property. Melfina’s elven sword is a longsword with the durable property, her custom trident is a trident with the durable property.

I’ve added a few polearms, showing as much restraint as my natural love of polearms allows.

The two new weapon properties I added (disarm and trip) only come into play with the Battle Master combat manuevers.

Note that the buckler only adds only +1 to AC, but can be used as an offhand bludgeoning weapon.

Feats and Combat Styles
I have removed all custom feats and custom combat styles — PHB has enough.

Crits and Fumbles
I have somewhat nerfed these tables, and also tried to make them more consistent. Mostly they should provide flavor and minor advantages or hindrances.

House Rules

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