Character Creation

D&D 5e

Chargen Session
Please wait to generate your character at the initial character generation session. The reason for this is so that players can coordinate some common origins and goals for the party. Also, if you choose random ability generation, the DM will witness your rolls.

Starting Level
PC’s start at Level 1.

Point buy as per the PHB, or the 4d6/3 highest method.

Allowed Races:
Humans, elves, halflings, dwarves, gnomes and half-elves are allowed. Orcs and half-orcs don’t exist in Urania, nor do dragonborn or tieflings (at least not yet). Half-elves are quite rare. Non-humans will experience discrimination in most human settlements, with allowances made for commerce.

All classes from the PHP.

Starting Gold
As per PHB, determine at Chargen session.

Character Background
Please consider/choose appearance, family history, social class, and most importantly what motivates the character (life goals, grudges, vengeance, ambition, lust, greed, etc.).

Character Creation

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