Fickle Godlings

From the journal of Barrabus the Storm: (Mid-Seben)

Forgive this annotation for it’s ill spellings and inacuracies, but I’ve been up a tenday preparing a military defense that I’m not prepared for.
It began when we left Cozy Hollow. We had an interest in freeing up the trade roads and such, but when we backtracked Lady Melfina’s findings, it seemed we had a new set of problems.
Before we could get close there was a ghastly duo of Gnolls tossing a halfling to and fro.
The Ladt Paladin could not stand for it so we flanked the foes and let loose their targets. The Gnolls were dispatched easily, but, oh I do need slumber.
Anyhow, the halfling duo introduced them to us as Endo and Plunderfoot, and offered us a stay at their homes in Cozy Hollow, anytime. (Though how I could fit my head in there is quite a mystery to it’s own.) We talked of our journey, and when Broken Hill came up, the travelling pair had some unsettling stories to tell of a druid named Magemus and his plans to overturn the civil countryside into an overgrown bramble of slaughter. They further warned that he had the military might to bring forth such change and it was his forces that sacked Broken Hill.
After a long lunch with the halflings we ventured forward again, but as night fell, I heard a curious sound. It sounded like the roar of a tribe and the rythmic beating of drums, I relayed the info to the party, but decided I should be the one who advanced.
Lords what my eyes would see that night! 150 Goblins, 20 of those goat headed beasts, and 2 ogres in chains, all armored and rallying behind who?
Well, it turned out those halflings and their rumors were right, because the wild-druid Magemus, they’d spoke of, was leading the whole lot….
Gods I’m tired, I really am.
Anyhow, I snuck off to tell the others of what I’d seen. On my way down to them though, a wandering patrol of goblins riding wargs came at us, followed closely by more goblin soldiers on foot. As much as we fought, Trownd’s axe and Melfina’s….uh… Melfina, couldn’t stop the horde soon enough. I recall sneaking in and laying low two of the beasts as leapt from the shadows with twin daggers, and after that, it just becomes a hurried blur.
I awoke the next day, I presume, in the humble estate of a goat herder and his injured, mute, elderly, father.
I won’t dare disclose, for legal reasons, what took place upon leaving there. But we did make the acquaintance of a rather boring dwarf. She seems to be some sort of house-marm, and the persistence of goblins seems to follow her like diptera on feces. I’m actually starting to wonder if she’s some sort of goblin spy. But she followed us back to Levytown, regardless, and here I sit: exhausted, eyes burning, and dehydrated.
The raid shall surely come any day now, and I hope the massive fortifications and traps to the farmland I’ve engineered will do well to hinder the oncoming assault. I’ve been researching all of the scrolls and tomes I have available as well, so I do hope that I can stand well against them. My home, begrudged as it may be, depends on it.




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