Fickle Godlings

Cart Justice

Game date: sometime in Fall

Barrabus and Melfina, with Trond and Delbert in tow, travel west towards Broken Hill, passing through the refugee camp. The following day they travel on the north side of the Sallywynde until they reach the bridge crossing near Broken Hill. There they encounter a slaver who has captured Broken Hill orphans. They confront him, fighting his henchmen, and in the process the orphans are injured and the slaver is crushed by his own cart. Melfina heals the orphans, and Barrabus finishes off the slaver Scorve. One henchmen escapes. Melfina gifts an orphan girl Gia with a bejeweled dagger, and Trond escorts them back to the refugee camp.

At Broken Hill they explore the ruins, camp in a vineyard, and decide to not investigate tracks heading southwest.

Passing through forest on the way to Cozy Hollow, the party encounters a juvenile ogre eating a bear. They manage to defeat it.

In Cozy Hollow, the party fraternizes with hobbits at the Paisley Parsnip, and discuss the dangers of trade with mayor Ploughfoot (high taxes at Levyfort, marauding goblins, and so forth). Much coin is spent on ale, cheese, and pipeweed.



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