Fickle Godlings

A summary of events from Deken 27 to Janven 3

Deken 27-30

  • The party defeats the lich Captain Skinner and his skeleton crew, horses and all but one of the fearsome four are killed, sail and mast are destroyed
    *Row to shore, see a torch in the jungle at night
    *Move inland the next day, see a baby dinosaur, hide, fight the mother, flee with injuries
    *Climb a glittering mountain, reach a plateau with trail and mining entrance with rusted old tools
    *Camp the night, awaken to a wet crawling noise

Deken 31-Janven 2
*The party fights and defeats the ghouls who smelled their scent and attacked at the entrance to the mountain mine.
*Entering the mine, the party is attacked by and defeats two assassin vines.
*Find an altar with a crude stench, hear a mental voice beckoning them, decide to turn back.
*Discover Lady Gorth’s camp, Undio makes a disguise and convinces the Devil Monkeys he’s a friendly native. Barrabus sneaks in after. Melfina pretends to be a salesperson. Things go to hell and fighting breaks out. Sleet storm in the burning longhouse. Lady Gorth is defeated; they cut off her hand and take the Mushroom Ring. Many Devil Monkeys survive.



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