Fickle Godlings

A Game of Catch

Game Date: Seben 1 (September 1)

Barrabus, Melfina, Delbert, and Trond spent an extra day in Cozy Hollow, fortifying their cart and purchasing flotation barrels. Mayor Ploughfoot sends them a going-away gift basket, perhaps a little eager to see the backs of their heads.

Heading west on the road, back towards the ruins of Broken Hill, Barrabas hears a faint yelling over the rise, along with noxious laughter. Two large gnolls are playing catch with a hapless halfling, while another is strung up on a nearby tree. The beasts are dispatched in a quick battle, but not before Melfina is struck down, and Barrabus nearly kills her with a devastating wave of thunder.

The rescued halfling merchants, Endo and Plunderfoot, tell the party about the insane druid Megemus, and his evil plan to raze the valley. Megemus visited Cozy Hollow and spared them, on the condition they stay neutral (and silent). After Melfina chases off a pack of wild dogs, the halflings return to Cozy Hollow; the party continues west.

Camping near the site of the ogre battle, Melfina sees a pair of red eyes during her watch. She wakes Barrabus from a sound slumber, only to discover a raccoon.

The next morning the party heads southwest along the river, going off road. That evening, while camping, Delbert hears a faint drumming sound. Barrabus investigates, and comes across a war encampment of goblins, goat-headed creatures, a pair of chained ogres: the army of Megemus. The druid gives a rousing speech to his minions.

While deciding what to do, the party is attacked by a patrol of worg riders. Barrabus is felled in the vicious battle, but the party prevails in the end. Rushing across the plains in their cart, they encounter a goatherd who offers them shelter for the night. They accept, sending Delbert galloping off in the night to warn Levytown of the grave threat.



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