The Eastern Kingdoms

Unlike Central Urania, in which city-states loosely exert influence over their local areas, the kingdoms of the East have tightly controlled borders.

To the southeast, along the coast of the Ageless Sea, lies the Kingdom of Istan, land of spices, magnificent temples, wizard schools, serpents, and both desert and jungle lands. Each city ruler contributes to the maintenance of the Border Guard, a disciplined and highly religious fighting force. There are many great cities within this kingdom, which is named after the capital city Istan, ruled by the Serhan family.

North of Istan, Princess Kim rules a vast kingdom of forests, mountain spires, immense lakes, and countless villages and towns who pay homage (and taxes) to their beloved leader. Those who rebel are quickly quashed by Kim’s elite fighting force. Along the northern border runs the long fort, a formidable protection against goblin hordes, barbarians, and brown elves.

In the Far East lies the mysterious island kingdom of Shiang-Ma, made up of hundreds of islands, only some of which are inhabited by humans (the rest by creatures, strange races, and demons). Governance is loose; island communities have varying levels of loyalty to the young Crown Prince. The Aged Sea, even further east, is filled with whirlpools, giant serpents, bottomless trenches, and mountainous waves (and none who have attempted to cross it have returned).

The Eastern Kingdoms

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