Royalty, Nobility, and Military Ranks

Central Uranian Royalty and Nobility Ranks (Peerage)

King and Queen (King Gressner, Queen Alakra [forcefully abdicated]).

The Five House Lords of Vassna (Lord Greedle of House Greedle, House Hesse, House Lancaster, House of Orange, House Blackstone).

Minor Barons are loyal to each house.

Elven Military Ranks

Queen Lila

The Prince Houses (House Silverleaf, House Blackwolf, House Birchbark)

The Princess Houses (House Whitemoon, House Waterfell)

Military ranks within the houses, in descending order below Prince, are Field Marshal, Brigadier, Captain, Sergeant, Solider.

Military units include Archers, Spearmen, Lancers, Woodsmen, Eagleriders

Each Section contains 9 Soldiers, male and/or female, including one Sergeant
Each Battalion contains 5 Sections, and is led by a Captain
Each Brigade contains 7 Battalions, and is led by a Brigadier
The entire Great Tree army is led by the Field Marshal

Kingdom of Istan Houses

House Serhan (City of Istan)

House Arslan

Royalty, Nobility, and Military Ranks

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