Cities and Places


A medium size farming/trading town with three inns (The Drunken Dragon, The Green Griffon, and Hazel’s Rooms and Stable).


The capital city, teeming with commerce, ruled by the strict and corrupt Red Guard, overseen by Lord Greedle.

The King’s Wood

Used for hunting, before the king became afflicted with the gout. Now infested with vicious boar and ruthless bandits. Various fey also reside here. Not at all safe.

Cozy Hollow

A halfling village nestled in the hills, surrounded by orchards. A great producer of pipeweed and many delicious food products. Trade routes with Gondolin, Vassna, and Mordok.


The great elven city. Elves and dwarves are generally forbidden to enter, without explicit permission (human workers are sometimes hired to build roads and do other heavy construction work). Magnificent white buildings with high spires. Gondolin is communal, basic foodstuffs and many goods are free (to elves), and everyone is expected to contribute.


An ancient dwarven city built into the Cragen Mountains. Many sections are uninhabited, as the dwarven population is not so great as it once was. Halfings are welcome, humans are tolerated if they have official business and a dwarven escort, elves are admitted only under special circumstances. King Bowser’s tower/fort/palace is to the south (and aboveground).

Cities and Places

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