Campaign Style

A few random notes on the type of campaign I’m hoping for, and also notes on XP awards.

Campaign style:
“Mostly sandbox”, with a good deal of the storyline emerging from character motivations. There will be drama and dangers in the worlds, but the PC’s may choose to interact with these events in a variety of ways (or ignore some altogether).

House Rules:
Minimal house rules, mostly we’ll stick to the playtest/5e rules. We can discuss which house rules to test and possibly add as we go.

Session Length:
3-4 hours, starting at 4pm.

When a player can’t make it:
If a player can’t make it to a session, the PC will be “out of commission” for that session due to some plausible in-world event (PC sprains an ankle, wanders off and gets lost, gets the flu or food poisoning, etc).

XP Awards:
Standard awards for killing monsters, and non-combat XP will definitely be awarded for reaching party goals and overcoming obstacles without bloodshed. XP bonuses of 10% to 30% will be awarded for good to excellent role-playing, and an additional +/-5% for being on time (or late). +5% if Obsidian Portal character is 100% updated before day of session. +5% bonus for adventure log written (each player and the DM can write their own entry for each session — we all remember different details).

Campaign Style

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