Fickle Godlings

Leki's Day, and the events that followed

A brief summary of events from Noven 11 to Noven 18

  • Our heroes awaken in Oakdale on the morn of 11/11, “Leki’s Day”, in the Stately Branch inn. Festival of Eleven festivities are in full effect (horse-headed women, face-paint, free breakfast).
  • Quarron the Red is also staying at the Stately Branch. He has done well for himself singing the Battle of Levytown epic poem.
  • In the town square: games of skill and chance, walk-the-rope-for-a-kiss, a bonfire, a dancing bear and midget acrobats
  • Undio walks the rope for kiss and discovers the pretty lady is no such thing; she tries to drain his life force and he sees her true nature
  • Barrabaus recognizes the young green-eyed man as Leki himself, enjoying the festivities
  • Undio wins prizes at archery
  • Barrabus wins a large painting in an old oaken frame carved with Ebengradian runes. Directions to ruins near Ebengrad, where a great treasure hoard is hidden!
  • Melfina and Undio notice that the midget acrobats are not what they seem (wearing armor under the bright clothes, and they don’t seem to be dwarves). The Shrike (a dwarven assassin sent by King Bowser) and his Hammer Hench attack! A vicious battle ensues, and Melfina is felled. The tide turns as Barrabus unleashes his most powerful spells, and Melfina survives.
  • Leki congratulates Barrabus, and assigns him a mission. Bring him the head of Bane, who has stolen the soulsword Brunnel from the great wyrm Devellious, and means to slay Leki and take his place.
  • Barrabus and Undio ride to the Silver Waters Palace.
  • The Kan-Ean (elven eagleriders) come to Oakdale and take Lady Melfina to the Temple of Geova, as requested. There, Melfina prays and receives a similar mission (kill Bane). The ocean goddess is in love with Leki and wants to impress him. When Geova shows interest in the Elven Moon ring, Melfina feels conflicted (who is she ultimately loyal to, and can she reconcile her own lawful nature with the chaotic nature of her goddess?)
  • Barrabus and Undio gain an audience with King Gressner (Barrabus uses Suggestion to control Fable, the King’s Tongue). In a long speech, Barrabus tells of the plot to slowly poison the king with marbleberry pie (to induce gout). Barrabus has researched a remedy and volunteers to make it for Gressner. The king is skeptical, but ultimately agrees, and (over the course of several days, guarded by Sir Morgan and the King’s Guard) Barrabus and Undio brew up a batch of the remedy in the royal kitchens.
  • Undio relates the story of The Abundance and requests a small ship to seek vengeance and continue his service of King Gressner. Though the request is audacious, it is noted in the official log (to be considered).
  • Melfina flies with the Kan-Ean to Elenthal (Horrid Woods) where she is met by Queen Lila herself. Melfina returns the Moon Ring, and tells of the dwarven betrayal. Queen Lila is furious and immediately begins preparing for war.
  • A grand ceremony in Elenthal to officially promote Melfina to Sergeant. Her father, mother, and servants all travel from Gondolin to attend. She receives a full suit of fine Silverleaf mithral scale, a fine elven slayer sword, composite bow, 100pp, and other rewards.
  • Melfina requests that her suit of dragonscale armor be resized for Undio, and waits in Elenthal for a few days until the armor is ready
  • Borrowing a pair of horses, Melfina, Delbert, and Arauka ride back to Oakdale



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