Fickle Godlings

Heading East Along the Sallywynde

Events from Okeber 26 to Noven 3

  • A duel with Rock Knight Fergel, with interference from Hornby the Broad and Priest Valen Redaxe
  • King Bowser is complicit in the theft of the Elven Moon Ring!
  • escape from Bowser’s Towers, sending squire Delbert ahead
  • flee back to Mordok and retrieve items at the Pork ’n Mead
  • descend the stairs to Foremountain post-haste, defacing the warning sign at the Caverns of Calamity along the way
  • settle up at Weloo’s Pony Village and hightail it down the secret dwarven road to Cozy Hollow
  • meet with Mayor Ploughfoot, debrief him on the events with the dwarves, possible war between the elves and the dwarves
  • take the Sallywynde Road through Broken Hill (now thriving, but still small), meet a peddler and buy his entire stand of goods at a bargin
  • we leave the party about to cross bandit bridge

Events from Noven 3 to Noven 11

  • At Bandit Bridge, near the Godfrey the goatherd’s house, our heroes are confronted by Sinter, the older brother of Scorve the Slaver and Scald the Acrobat. The party easily defeats the bandits, despite being set upon by attacks dogs. Scald’s last surviving acrobat is taken prisoner when he falls in the pit trap intended set by the bandits.
  • Our heroes receive a missive via baby wyvern – a warning from Valen Redaxe, High Priest of Melek. Valen apologizes for the atrocious behavior of the dwarves (including King Bowser), and warns our heroes of a deadly assassin (The Shrike) who pursues them. Stay off the main road!
  • Our heroes are welcomed back to Levytown, where they catch up on recent events. Lord Greedle’s taxmen have been turning the screws, but otherwise all is more-or-less well.
  • A brief stop in Weston, looking for the mother of Sinter, Scorve, and Scald. The last surviving acrobat (taken prisoner) escapes during a brutal storm. Some buildings in Weston are badly damaged by a tornado, but our heroes survive unscathed.
  • In Levyfort, our heroes feel the bite of the taxman themselves. Barrabus parlays with Old Bart, and tricks the Red Guard into accepting the cursed demonic armor as a good portion of their tax bill.
  • Our heroes take the north fork (as they promised they would to the Kan-Ean, the elven Eagle riders). Along the way they encounter a wandering ettin. Defeating it, they find it branded with Megemus’s mark!
  • Our heroes arrive in Oakdale on the eve of Noven 10, and spend the night.



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