Fickle Godlings

De Treasure Chest Island, pt 3

Jenen 18th, 1110

After having taken de beautiful stone daggers and having stowed them on my person, I return to de camp of our crew. As a gift, I relinquish two of them to de first and second mate. They are not so appreciative of my thoughtfulness, but I think it was a nice gesture. Stowaways are not so easily forgiven of their crimes, it would seem. Actually, they are very much more invested in mapping out de terrain of this island. I am excite to help, of course. De captain and first mate are to lead de first party, going south, and the rest of de crew and de second mate and I going north. Approaching de island, we deduced that it could not be so large as to halfway around it by high noon, so our plan is to meet at de dunes to de eastern end of de island, and trek through de middle together. We set out at around 7 in de morning, by our reckoning.

Our length of rocky beach has many indigenous iguanas and we net a few to cook for dinners. We spot many multi-colored birds. Again we pass de statue as we continue on, with nothing to really acknowledge, save for de fact that it is hot on de beach, and balmy humid in de jungle. I am finally bare chested and sweating as we approach de dunes by about 11 o’clock, and gather some dry driftwood and start a fire for me to make some grilled iguana. Delicioso.

We are waiting for a long time, it seems, before we figure it is noon and an hour. Something has gone awry. We send one scout back to our original camp, one at this campfire, and from that divided group, half in de direction dat de captain would come from, and de other will traverse de middle of de island, which will be led by Kitt Pitchfinger.



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