Fickle Godlings

De Treasure Chest Island, pt 2

Journal of Undio Vitale diCorrenze VII

Jenen 18th, 1110
De crew and I are quite alarmed at de sudden appearance of such a massive working of stone. It stand at least 30 feet tall. From de beach we can see de top three quarters of what appears to be a fierce cat. Who could have carved dis massive sculpture? It shines bright in de sun, almost polished, as if it is frequented often. We investigate and find at de feet of de massive feline is a door, seeming to lead underground. At that moment a patch of sun break through de clouds to shine on de face of de cat, and a near-blinding light awaken some mystery inside me.

I give knowledge to de crew that I am to climb de gigantic statue and see what is de source of luster. After deftly finding my footholds and reaching de gaping mouth of de cat, I climb inside. It is lined ceiling to floor with hundreds of pointy teeth. I start to feel a calm, and a warmth, so I rest for a minute. I attribute it to de comforting sun reflecting off de stone, and for a moment I feel blessed with de freedom to explore this world as I please. If only Endo were here to enjoy this moment of liberty with me, he would understand why I yam de way I yam. I seem to have not noticed a hissing sound when I arrive at this tranquil alcove, and in just de nick of time I see a massive serpent coiled in de back of de cat’s throat. As I stand up, it slither rather quickly and strike at me. I dodge swiftly, but slip and cut my ankle on one of de teeth, breaking it from de floor. De snake misses me and it’s body sails onto a tooth, impaling itself. At this time I hear a slight hum, and I curse de wretched animal, kicking its corpse. I hear another chink and see de snake has been stuck with a knife once fastened to de floor. It is a dagger! I look right to de one that had pricked me, and it is de same! I pluck these up as I knock two more from their sockets, and head down to de group that awaited my return.



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