Fickle Godlings

A summary of events from Noven 17 to Deken 16

Barrabus, Melfina, and Undio …

  • Barrabus and Undio stay three weeks at the Silver Palace working on the gout remedy, the king’s health improves, attack of Fang (giant cobra), the King’s Tongue (Fable) does not admit to the crime (resists Suggestion)
  • Melfina travels down the river through the western Horrid Woods to the lake, rides through the Kings Wood, defeats ogres on the way (finds mark of Megemus)
  • meet up in Oakdale, learn of the razing of Coveport from Quarron the Red, sell a few things
  • pass through Hightower, study for one night
  • run into an earth elemental on the way to Vassna, defeat it, attacked by cave spiders, descend into the cave
  • explored Jacob’s cave, defeating dire bear, poisonous giant water snakes, gargantuan crab, ocher jelly, roper, discovered multiple corpses with deceptive maps from Dilby, recovered items from Antonio the halfling adventurer from Pesce Pentola (Justice Bow, Arrow of Dragon Slaying)
  • continue south to Vassna, meet up with the wizard Falon (and old classmate of Barrabus), do a bit of shopping, try to stop some crimes, pay for passage on a barge to the ocean
  • a family reunion for Undio in Pesce Pentola (wife Isabella, 2 twin 8-year-olds and one two year-old, Adolfo is jealous)
  • Melfina and Undio take the ghost ship in Guilippi



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