Fickle Godlings

A summary of events from Deken 17 to Deken 27

Deken 17

Barrabus rode south with haste towards Coveport, with Arika (elf messenger servant).

Tracked by a hawk (Megemus in disguise?), took cover.

Befriended Portly Pete, priest of Geova, and his band of ex-Red Guard.

Stayed the night at the Temple of Geova.

Ambushed by goat-headed men, wounded in the leg, contract the Red Ache.

Arrived in Coveport at night, made a poultice, healed by Melfina when she arrives.

In Guilippi, Undio and Melfina pay the Fearsome Four to repair and outfit the ship “Geova’s Vengeance”.

Clean out giant rats from the hull storage room.

See a mere-woman in the distance, are then attacked by a giant octopus. Defeat it, but Melfina loses her trident to the sea. Recovered after a deep and daring dive.

Navigating the coast, see a fire in the distance. A woman and two men are stranded on a tiny island. Turns out to be the pirate Bart Blackfoot and his henchmen, who attack, but are easily overcome and captured by the party. Turned in to the constable at Coveport, a small reward (100cp) is issued.

Deken 20

Barrabus learns from Piggy Pete the tavern owner that Bane was in Coveport, bought a boat and hired men to “find Lady Gorth and steal her prize.” He thinks Bane was heading to “Snake Isle”. Barrabus gets some good, cheap whiskey.

Undio teaches some Coveport urchins a few sword tricks and is much admired.

Melfina sends Arika back to the Horrid Woods to tell the Elf Queen that Melfina will search for the Elven Moon Ring and will return home as soon as possible to assist in the war against the dwarves. Barrabus has grown fond of Arika, and buys her a fine meal and is sad to see her go.

On Day 1, a pod of dolphins, a gambling barge “booze cruise” filled with rich noblemen.

On Day 2, enter deeper waters, some excellent fishing, a sea turtle, some pirates who trade limes for gold and warn of “The Black Lila.” At night pass a Norse ship (Melfina lights up the sail, Barrabus performs fireworks, the Norsemen blow their horn).

On Day 3, a shark, and a shark-eating giant crab! A rock infested with harpies (and loaded with treasure, including a +1 Drow rapier with the Language trait).

On Day 4, the climate is getting warmer. Undio thinks Serpent Isle must be near. An unnatural storm appears, a ship with a black flag! The ghost ship Black Lila!


Barrabus also gives Arika his ring of protection. ;)


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